large logoTucson Sugar Skulls Name and Logo

Since the 15th century, the sugar skull has been a dynamic symbol of honor, celebration, tradition, and festivity in remembering the departed. With origins in Central Mexico, these colorful skulls were first used to decorate the gravestones of those who had died in a way that celebrated their lives instead of mourning their passing.

Today, the sugar skull anchors the festive Day of the Dead celebrations across the globe during the first two days of November, with Tucson’s own All Souls Procession ranked as one of the top in the nation with more than 150,000 individuals joining the procession.

It’s in that spirit that Tucson Sugar Skulls Football was born. The newest franchise in the Indoor Football League, our Skulls, with our players, coaches, and staff, proudly stand for those very values that inspired the crafting of the first sugar skull more than 400 years ago.


It’s an honor for our players to suit up and take the field. We honor the opportunity to be there in the first place, we honor the community that we all call home, and we honor our fans.


Everything we do, both on and off the field, is in the spirit of celebration. Our games are more than professional athletic events. They’re designed to be interactive experiences for the whole family to enjoy.


The tradition of the sugar skull dates back hundreds of years. We’ll treat that tradition with the respect that it deserves while creating some new traditions for indoor football right here in Tucson.


Music. Dance. Food. Drink. Show. And, yes, football. The festive spirit of our games activates and ignites every sense, in fun and fresh ways that are worthy of our Sugar Skull namesake.